Tango en Señor Tango

Dinner and Tango Show Tango Porteño

Dinner and Tango Show Tango Porteño

Tango Porteño recreates the golden era of the late 1940s, which used to be the undisputed reign of tango, the great passion of Argentina’s society as a whole. This amazing dinner and tango show of Buenos Aires offers a journey through time by those glorious years of the city when tango was enjoyed and breathed in every corner of the city.

Tango Porteño is a wonderful place to live all the characters of the golden decade of tango. Large orchestras of Canaro, Fresedo, Piazzolla, De Caro, Gobbi, Biagil, De Angellis, Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Lomuto, D’Agostino and of course the unforgettable Troilo and Pugliese, who was then developed their potential and but in a healthy competition for the coveted reign in the Chanteclair, Armenonville, Marabou, Tabaris, Tibidabo and many others theaters that disappeared in the relentless transformation of the city.

The show features 30 artists on stage, an orchestra of 12 musicians, 8 pairs of professional dancers and 2 singers. The golden decade shines again in this unique and modern show that recovers the traditional essence of tango. You will also enjoy diverse cuisine and taste of our Argentine beef and more.

The Orchestra, clearly the largest in this city, is placed on a platform that allows us to appreciate the excellent performance of all musicians. The individual choreographies are full and delicate, but there are numbers of humour. In addition, this home offers those who purchase tickets with dinner, a fun and useful toll  tango classes, offered by the same dancers from the show! The tables are round, facilitating greater intimacy even in lower-value tickets.

The thoroughness theatrical display and set the stage costume insurmountable to transport back in time and enjoy an unforgettable experience … to relive that time when everything was Tango Buenos Aires. Tango Porteño, this union of two words in a solid message summarizes the essence of the identity of a big city … because being Porteño is being born in Buenos Aires … and tango was born and lives in Buenos Aires … the “City of Tango”.

The old and beloved Metro, just a few steps from the Obelisk, was transformed into Tango Porteño, a place that combines a refined environment and pure deco style complemented with a cast time artistic, unbeatable productions and deployment of high quality gourmet honours the era it represents. The commitment was large but the task is done. Tango Porteño is the image of Buenos Aires.


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