Full Day Boat Trip To Harberton Ranch

Full Day Boat Trip To Harberton Ranch

This boat trip has got 6 to 9 hour duration—but worth it!

Leaving the local harbour, you can admire the sight of the mountain range that surrounds the city. Isla de los Lobos, Isla de los Pájaros in the Bridges Archipelago are good spots for watching sea lions, cormorants, albatrosses, skuas, petrels and sea gulls.

Another interest part of the trip is the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, silent witness of the Monte Cervantes wreckage in 1930. Then, the boat trip continues to Martillo Island, where you will have the chance of watching a colony of magellanic penguins.

Finally, you will disembark at the Harberton Estancia. From here you can travel until the Moat estancia, enjoying its river of the same name and glimpse the Chilean Island of Picton. To return, you will come back by land over national Route 3 that runs along the Beagle Channel and Brown Bay. Afterwards, Mount Cornú appears and finally, Lake Victoria. From here it is 90 km away from Ushuaia.


This tour can be every day at 9.30 a.m. from October to March.  We don’t offer this excursion separated.  This is an optional excursion to be added in our complete tour packages.

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